Places Of Interest

Other places of interest local to us that may make that trip to collect some goodies even more pleasurable!

Christchurch Mansion

Housing the biggest collection of paintings by Gainsborough and Constable outside of London, along with collections of other artists inspired by the beautiful landscapes of East Anglia, the mansion is set in 70 acres of lush parkland 5 minutes from the Town centre.

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  East Bergholt

East Bergholt is situated 10 miles north of Colchester and 8miles south of Ipswich and is one of the largest and prettiest villages in the Stour Valley. Birthplace of famous landscape artist John Constable.

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  Flatford Mill

Flatford Mill is a Grade I listed 18th century watermill built in 1733. It is noted as the location for works by John Constable, whose father owned the mill. Constable made the mill and its immediate surroundings the subject of many of his most famous paintings including "The Haywain".

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  Ipswich Transport Museum

The Ipswich Transport Museum has the largest collection of transport items in Britain devoted to just one town. Everything was either made or used in and around Ipswich, the county town of Suffolk.



Sutton Hoo

Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, is the site of two Anglo-Saxon cemeteries of the 6th century and early 7th century, one of which contained an undisturbed ship burial including a wealth of artifacts of outstanding art-historical and archaeological significance.