Carriage Charges

It is notoriously difficult to calculate carriage exactly on a website due to the complexities enforced by carriers which is why many online websites add a percentage of the order value to the final invoice. We prefer to use a fairer system charging the actually costs of your consignment according to the volumetric weight. We have shown a volumetric weight against the items on this website but even then there can be problems. An example of this would be a fibreglass wing which has an actual weight of 4kg but volumetrically it is over 50kg. Of course you could add additional items up to 46kg (as long as they will fit inside the same package) and the carriage would still remain at 50kg but a web-shop will add the additional 46kg to the original 50kg making it 96kg in total. 

Volumetric Charging.

Large lightweight items may be charged by cubic capacity where the volumetric (or dimensional) weight exceeds the actual weight. If this is the case, the cost of the consignment is calculated on the space the consignment takes up instead of its actual weight. - To calculate the volumetric weight of your consignment simply multiply the Length x Depth x Width and divide by 5000. The answer should be compared with the actual weight in KGs and then the larger figure is correct.

We have done our best to offer the exact carriage amount to your order, but there may be times when the combination of goods purchased may require additional funds to transport. We will always contact you with amended amount before shipping and charging for goods.

Export orders may be subject to local import duties, taxes, and Customs clearance fees, which must be paid before receipt of the goods.
These charges are in addition to the shipping charged by NTG Motor Services Ltd. These charges are normally managed by the carrier & freight forwarder agents.