Clip - Under Window Door Chrome Strip (Pk 10)

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  • Description

  • Z Series
  • Wolseley 4/44
  • Wolseley 15/50

No dismantling of the door is necessary as the clips supplied are held on with blind aluminium pop rivets (also supplied) - just remove the waist rail & old clips.
No modification to the door is necessary. All that you will need to ensure is that all of the oblong slots in the door which take the original fixings are completely clear of paint & rust etc to give their full original size.
Each slot needs to have 2 clips riveted on side by side - they need to be exactly in line with one and other. Put the "prong" end at the bottom with the continuous rounded edge at the top.
Put a very light smear of grease on the top of each clip.
Put the bottom edge of the waist rail over the bottom edge of the clips first & then "snap" the rail over the top face of the clips.

(Pack of 10 will be sufficient for one  door)