Thermostat Assembly

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New Improved Design with replaceable thermostat and removeable restrictor!

It is not widely realised that the thermostat fitted to TA/B/C/D and Y-Types was only supplied as a complete unit with the cast body, there being no means of replacing just the thermostat itself.

We now offer a new design which allows the thermostat unit only to be replaced by removal of a stainless steel circlip. 

We stock replacements on part number NB308AA.  As the standard thermostats are too large to fit inside the housing these are modified by a special press tool to the correct diameter.

By-pass outlet
Some owners have found benefits by reducing the flow through the by-pass outlet to a small bleed hole (4.5-5.00mm).  We therefore include a stainless removable disc and circlip to provide this option.  We recommend removal of this disc unless there appears to be a specific need.

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