Unleaded Kit-Cylinder Head

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To convert your cylinder head:

  • Strip the cylinder head of all components.  Have the head U.V checked for any cracks and then clean in caustic soda. 
  • After washing off the caustic solution in a hot wash tank, dry the head and grit blast to remove any remaining carbon and to clean the waterways. 
  • Fit the Manganese silicon bronze valve guides and ream to size. (Bronze removes heat two and a half times faster than original cast iron valve guides).
  • Machine the exhaust seats and fit the lead free compatible seat inserts. 
  • Cut the valve seats using three angles, (15, 30 & 45 degree). This aids the flow and increases B.H.P. for use with premium lead-free fuel. 
  • Blend the throat valves to remove any sharp edges caused by fitting the inserts and cutting the seats. 
  • The head may need skimming to ensure the face is flat. 
  • After de-burring, hot wash the head, dry, assemble and paint. 

This procedure is best left to a qualified engineer/machinist and these instructions are offered as a guideline only!

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