Windscreen Top Bracket (Pair)

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  • MGA Roadster

When these Corner Brackets were re-tooled in 1981 as proper forged brass reproductions, a very careful study was undertaken and it was determined that original brackets, while sold under a single factory part number, varied to a minor extent from car to car. We also realized that if perfect original brackets were re-installed in a re-plated windscreen frame, they would seem not to fit correctly.
The problem is, in part, that the our corner brackets are intended to 'float' in their corners. Experienced windscreen glazers gradually tighten screws securing these brackets to adjust the fit of the mitered corners. It is almost impossible to assemble a windscreen frame without glass and glazing.
Members of the local vintage MG club as well as restoration veterans entrust the final windscreen assembly to an experienced professional.
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