Windwing Set (Perspex)

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Installation Tips (C220A) Wind Wings

The slotted brackets fit over the flat edge of the windshield side rails with the knurled knobs uppermost and toward the inside of the car. Position them so the top of the windwing is below the height of the convertible top when it is raised, yet high enough not to contact the body when the wind wing is folded in to clear the side curtains when they are in use. Tighten the brackets very securely by using the supplied Allen key on the Allen-head setscrews. Angle the windwings to suit- usually about 45 degrees to the plane of the windshield — then tighten the knurled knobs. The Allen head screws will leave a mark on the side rail, but the wind wings do not need to be removed so the marks will not be seen. Tighten the Allen head screws and the knurled knobs from time to time. Plexiglas will scratch, so use care when cleaning them.