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Our quality hoods are reproduced to factory design and closely follow detail as to the correct size and type of rear window, rear apron above rear window and side flaps to cover fixings and top edge of side screen. A separate strip is provided with windscreen seal flap banding and metal finishers for covering the front (wood) rail. Also included Hood Frame Webbing J031A/D.

It is recommended that the front rail (T530) and rear top finisher set (T515A) be replaced as these take the strain of the hood.

Weather equipment materials for MG T-Types and YT

CANVAS/DOUBLE DUCK:A 20 oz canvas hooding fitted as standard to many pre 1960 classic cars and a good basic material. The colourfastness of Duck is less suited for sunnier climates where it would be subject to premature fading of colour and will require periodic treatment with a colour restorer to keep it in good condition.

STAYFAST: A modern hooding fabric that is essentially a lighter weight version of our Mohair fabric. Stayfast offers all the benefits of a traditional Double Duck hood but with superior colourfastness and a much longer life expectancy. It does not require any special treatments and will give many years of service.

MOHAIR: A superior quality canvas material considered to be the finest car hooding material available. It was never used on MGs but some owners like to upgrade to this material. Mohair does not require any special maintainence.

COLOURS:Black was original for TA TB and there is some evidence to suggest that some early TCs had black hoods, but most had a light Tan/Fawn colour Twin rear windows were fitted in the hoods until 1948, then all models were replaced with a single window.

SIDESCREEN COVERS: These were in the same material as the hood, and are supplied ready to fit to your frames, or we can supply new frames if required. Sidescreens cannot be supplied complete as they need to be assembled on the car as this is the only way that a satisfactory fit can be achieved. The covers have the window plastic sandwiched between the two layers of fabric which must be cut away after the chrome strips have been fitted on the outside with the special screws which also secure the material to the frames. You may find that your old screens have had the frames covered by fabric both sides, possibly without chrome strips on the outside. This was a practice often resorted to in the 50s and 60s as a means of covering up rusted and repaired frames and when new parts were not available.

HALF TONNEAU COVERS: These were supplied with the cars when new to cover the area behind the seats. The TA TB and TC were black Rexine (a type of leathercloth) until 1948. Thereafter the TC was supplied with matching hood material. This is the combination which most people now prefer. Elastic straps are provided which tuck behind the tubular rail to affect a neat appearance.

FULL TONNEAU COVERS: Really an essential item nowadays if the car is to be left open and unattended. Not only does it keep the car weatherproof, but discourages unwanted interference and opening of doors which, if leaned on, can cause a great deal of damage. There is not sufficient clearance for the full tonneau to be folded between the seat back and the original tonneau rail, but we have a special removable rail assembly under development which will allow the surplus material to be neatly folded behind the seat back when not covering the seats.

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