Battery-6v Dry Charged

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Initial Filling & Charging tips for Dry Batteries.

  • If you do not intend to use the battery for some time keep it in the dry state — the life of the battery begins with the addition of acid.
  • Store dry batteries in a cool dry place. If you are taking the battery to be filled ensure the specific gravity is 1265 — 1280. Do not fill it more than 1/4" above the elements. As the battery soaks the electrolyte level may fall below the plates top up with acid on this occasion only.  - Thereafter with deionised water.
  • Within a few hours of filling ensure that the battery goes on charge. Overnight on a trickle charger should be enough. If the charge rate of the charger is low and the battery large keep on charge for 24 hours. If the battery is used infrequently consider an Accumate to keep it fully charged or trickle charge every 2— 3 months. 
  • Please Note: The Accumate or any “conditioning” charger is not a trickle charger. A trickle charger should give 5+ amps charging rate: a “conditioning” charger works differently and is not suitable for initial charging or recharging a battery from a discharged state. 
  • The battery should be disconnected if the vehicle is not being used for long periods then always refresh before reconnecting. Batteries left connected over long periods will become irreversibly sulphated and unserviceable.
  • Sometimes they may appear to be recharged but will not perform. It is also likely that they will not accept a charge at all.
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