Conduits-Side Lamp Wires (Pair)

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The conduits for the wiring harness going from the frame to fender have long been a problem reproducing. This is because the original front conduits were provided in conjunction with the harness itself and were installed on the harness as the harness was made. Years later we are now trying to replace the harness and the conduits separately. This poses the question of how to get the conduit on the harness particularly for those cars that are upgrading to turn signals (or TC EXU) which has an
additional wire for the sidelights. This conduit set is as close as you can get to the original conduits. The importance is that it can be installed after the harness has been manufactured. While the original conduits and caps were both galvanized or cad plated these replacement conduits are stainless with nickel plated end caps.

When the conduits are installed properly the top cap is actually inside the fender support. You will notice that the opening in the support has a peanut shaped hole. Once the wires are thread through the conduit pull the wires and conduit inside the lower end of the “peanut hole” and tap it up into the narrower portion to wedge and secure the conduit to the support bracket. The upper cap will now be inside the support.

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