Hose-Jackall Rear Axle

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Complete with all fittings necessary to connect to the original hydraulic pipes.  Provides the connection between the rear axle and the chassis mounted pipe back to the pump unit.


  • Ensure jacks are fully retracted before dismantling.
  • Clean dirt from all relevant connections especially the copper pipe joint at the front of the flexible. If the pipe twists when undoing this union the pipe will probably need replacing as well.
  • The pipe will need shortening by 1/2 inch (13mm) to enable the new brass connector to be pushed in fully from the rear. However before fitting the pipe may need deburring and flushing out with a few pumps from the pump. Also the mounting bracket hole will need enlarging by 0.50mm to accept the new connector which comes with a new tube nut and olive for the supply pipe.
  • The new flexible has a natural curve which should be utilised when being fitted also use the printing on the hose to ensure that it is not twisted when finally installed.
  • Rear jacks should be operated a few times to remove air from system.
  • Top up reservoir
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