Water Pump-Heavy Duty

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  • Y Series
  • Wolseley 4/44

Doubles flow and pressure

This new heavy duty water pump has sealed "Lubed for life" bearings and therefore does not need any further lubrication. However, for the sake of originality there is a grease fitting on raised section of the housing


The seal in the new water pump is a graphite ring that is pressed up against a metal sealing surface, a type of seal commonly found in fluid pumps. To be effective, the pump needs to be spun dry so that the seal will mate properly with the hard surface it is pressed against.

To bed the seal, spin the pump for 60 seconds with a 3/4" drill with the chuck tightened onto the shaft. If you skip this step and install the pump you will almost certainly find a trickle of fluid coming out of the weep hole on the underside of the pump housing if not immediately, within a few hours of installation. Once the leak starts, the pump will have to be replaced!

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