Timber Main Body Kit

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Please note this kit does not include Doors, Hood rails or floor boards.

Contents of kit:

  • T501LTF         Bottom Rail LH
  • T501RTF         Bottom Rail RH
  • T502LTF         Front Door Pillar LH
  • T502RTF         Front Door Pillar RH
  • T503LTF         Rear Door Pillar LH
  • T503RTF         Rear Door Pillar RH
  • T504LTF         Under Door Rail LH
  • T504RTF         Under Door Rail RH
  • T505LTF         Scuttle Side Rail LH
  • T505RTF         Scuttle Side Rail RH
  • T506LTF         Elbow-Rear Side LH
  • T506RTF         Elbow-Rear Side RH
  • T507TF           Rear Top Rail
  • T508TF           Rear Wood Body Panel
  • T509TF           Rear Bottom Rail
  • T511TF           Scuttle Top Rail-Back
  • T512TF           Scuttle Top Rail-Front
  • T513LTF         Scuttle Side Rail-Back LH
  • T513RTF         Scuttle Side Rail Back RH
  • T514LTF         Scuttle Side Rail Front LH
  • T514RTF         Scuttle Side Rail-Front RH
  • T518TF           Floor-Rear Compartment
  • T24                 Trim Rail-Dash Board Surround
  • T531L             Spacer Chassis Hoop LH
  • T531R             Spacer Chassis Hoop RH