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"Fully text searchable PDF files. You can print off any number of pages you need, then dispose after use."


• The Owners Handbook for the MG Y–Home Edition

• The Owners Handbook for the MG Y–Export Edition

• The first 500 Miles on your new MG 1 1/4 Litre (Series "Y")

• Maintenance Manual and Instruction Book for the MG Y

• Illustrated List of Service Parts

• The SU Carburetter fitted to the M.G. 1 1/4 Litre (Series "Y")

• The SU Carburetters fitted to the M.G. 1 1/4 Litre Tourer

• MG Schedule of Repair, Upkeep and Adjustment Time Allowances for M.G. Series YB and T.D. Cars

• Alternate Parts List for the MG Y Type

• Hydraulic Brake Service Manual for Single Leading Shoe brakes

• Lucas Electrical parts for the MG Y

• Lucas Electrical parts for the MG YT

Our CDs are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows® Operating Systems up to and including Windows 7®. Please note that a MAC version is not available at this time.

The CDs are menu driven and come with a viewer to enable the books and manuals to be read. Each book or manual uses the book marking system for easy navigation in addition to the entire file being able to be searched for any word as they are totally text sensitive.

Finally, we realise that as you work on your car for maintenance or restoration purposes, we know that you will want to print off either individual pages or a range of pages, so this has been built in to the product too.


It has been bought to our attention that due to Microsoft changing their base codes, sometimes people will have to implement a work around to read this CD - Please follow these instructions.