Adapter - Spare Wire Wheel

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  • TD TF

The carrier assembly for the wire wheel must be fitted so that the distance between the fuel tank and the wheel and tyre is the same as when the disc wheel is in place, so the mount plate and part of the tube behind must be cut to the correct length before the backing plate with 4 studs supplied is welded to the spare wheel carrier.

Conversion of spare wheel carrier from disc to wire wheels TD TF

 It is not possible to attach an adaptor direct to the studs used for disc wheels as the wire wheel would be much too far from the fuel tank, therefore it is necessary to follow this procedure.

  • Measure distance between tyre and fuel tank with original wheel fitted so that the wire wheel can be made to fit in the same position.
  • Stud plate on disc wheel carrier must be cut off together with part of the tube to obtain correct position for wire wheel adaptor.
  • Round plate provided must then be welded to the remaining tube and hub adaptor attached by the 4 nuts.